Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Thrift store Wednesdays: Mostly for school

Things I did at the thrift store today:  arranged a memorial rack of Maeve Binchy novels.  Put several books out on quilting (and the philosophy of quilting, and Amish quilts).   Emptied several miscellaneous boxes onto the backroom shelves.  Emptied two whole boxes of books straight into the recycle bins, because they smelled of mildew.  (The thrift store doesn't want stinky books.)  Put out ALL the craft, decorating, sewing, and home repair books that we had in the back, because I know the Book Boss doesn't like doing those, and I wanted to give him something to smile about when he comes in tomorrow.

What I brought home was mostly for the upcoming school year.
The Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Maths (2003, British edition)

Eine Kleine Deutschmusik: Learning German Through Familiar Tunes, The SingLingual Method, by Uwe Kind. This came in awhile back but it was still sitting, and I decided to buy it myself. Where else are you going to find such useful phrases as "Wo haben Sie Deutsch gelernt? In einem Abendkurs"** set to the tune of Santa Lucia?  (No, Dollygirl is not learning German, but we might try one or two of these just for fun.)
Nelson Science: Characteristics and Classification of Living Things. Written for Canadian public schools (1997); short and basic.

Klutz Tissue Paper Flowers: Good Enough to Fool Bees. Like new: it still has all its tissue paper and pipecleaners.

** "Where did you learn German? In an evening class."


Suzuki Mom said...

Oh, I would love to find that German one... sigh

Mama Squirrel said...

Suzuki Mom, there are several copies listed on Abebooks. Good luck!

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