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Festival of Frugality #355: The What, We Worry? Edition

Welcome to Festival of Frugality #355: The What, We Worry? Edition.

This week's festival takes its inspiration from the post Why Do We Worry About Money?, at Watson Inc.  Roshawn gives five reasons we worry about money, and offers suggestions for dealing with our anxieties (while still managing money wisely).


"One reason we worry is because of our lack of confidence managing money. Consequently, we shy away from investing, eliminating debt aggressively, and maintaining adequate solvency and insurance. Lacking confidence with money often stems from incompetent education. Many of us are not being exposed to solid financial teachings."

Saving Without A Budget presents Create Good Financial Habits By Being Responsible.

Make Money Make Cents presents A Quick Guide to Bank Accounts

Passive Income To Retire presents Understanding Mutual Fund Classes.

Start Investing Money presents What are Fidelity Mutual Funds?

20s Finances presents ETFs vs. Individual Stocks.

Financial Footsteps presents How I Use ETFs to Save on Fund Fees.

Free Money Wisdom presents What is a Title Loan?

Free Money Finance presents How to Save Money by Keeping Good Records.

Married with Debt presents Be Wary of Corporate Personal Finance Advice.

The Penny Hoarder presents Making Money Is Also About Cost Cutting and Not Losing It. "If you would prefer to try your luck with weird investments, then that is fine, too, but at least take a moment to look below the surface of your current financial situation and determine what cost drivers are at play with your personal finances."

Debt Free Blog presents Debt is Cyclical.

ReadyForZero Blog presents The True Secret to Paying Off Debt.

Free From Broke  presents Payoff Mortgage Faster – How Do I Do It? – Four Ways

Money Q&A. presents How To Use A Budget To Help You Set Priorities. "You can use a budget as a tool to help you save your money and set your financial priorities and financial goals. Budgeting also helps you establish a plan of attack on how to reduce your debt."


"Closely related to lack of confidence is fear. Fear of failure can be logical, but we often lose perspective. For example, anyone over 12 years old has made financial mistakes."

Simple Finance Blog presents Money Lessons Learned On Vacation. "I thought I'd budgeted for our family's trip to Disney World; obviously, I thought wrong. Here are my top 4 money lessons learned on vacation."

Master the Art of Saving presents Don't Be Fooled By No Spend Days.  "The only way to actually benefit from “no spend days” is to not spend that money at all, not even on a different day."

Modest Money presents 7 Considerations for Buying A Cheap Car. "The thought of buying some freedom with a cheap car can be quite tempting. Do not let that emotion cloud your judgement and result in buying a vehicle that costs too much to keep on the road."

Good Financial Cents presents The Top 10 Cheapest Cars of 2013

Another perspective on cars: PT Money Personal Finance presents Saving Money by Buying a Gas Guzzler.

One Money Design presents  Can You Justify Purchasing the iPhone 5?

Fanny has one suggestion for dealing with phones: Trade In Your iPhone for an Amazon Gift Card, posted at Living Richly on a Budget.

One Smart Dollar presents Gangnam Style in America. "Most people associate material items as a status symbol. This isn’t entirely false because most wealthy individuals will be driving a nice car and wearing designer clothes. This doesn’t mean the average individual needs to live that way if they can’t afford it."

Simply Investing presents Your Friend Just Gave You a Hot Stock Tip. What do you do?

Sustainable Personal Finance presents 5 Financial Planning Mistakes to Avoid. "While there are far more than 5 Financial Planning Mistakes you can make here are a few that are easily avoidable."


"One reason worrying about our finances is so common is because there is comfort in the familiar. When we are conditioned to worry about money, intense focus on the bad becomes very familiar territory. We begin to see evil even in the most innocent situations."

Money Talks Coaching presents A Tiny Piece of Plastic Cost Me $125.  " My van broke. Terrible thing! Car repairs can be scary things, but if you own a car then you WILL have car repairs. It just comes with the territory."

Saving Without A Budget presents The Open Financial Market: A Global Concern in 2012.

Financial Ramblings presents Best Airline Seats: Exit Row vs. Economy Comfort.


"Worrying also makes us feel like we are doing something. This is why it is vital to distinguish between busyness and productivity."

"Are you going to sit around waiting for wealth to fall in your lap? Do you believe in pixie dust? Or are you going to go out and make or get it? Life is short, make a 5 year plan and go out and do it!" Growing Money Smart presents Building Wealth Takes Time... Or Does It?

Broke Professionals presents The Psychology of Saving. Simple Budget Blog presents Simple Retirement Plan.

Investing Money presents Do You Need the Money You're Investing?

 Life Insurance By Jeff presents Cheap Life Insurance for Moms.

Squirrelers presents Use Auto Insurance Discounts to Save Money .

Sweating the Big Stuff presents Why Doesn't Homeowners Insurance Cover Floods?


"As much bad as worrying brings, I admit it occasionally “works.” For example, that uneasy feeling that you overspent can cause you so much discomfort that you choose not to spend other discretionary funds."

Credit Card Smarts presents How to Use the Debt Snowball to Pay Off Credit Card Debt. "The debt snowball is a way of systematically paying down your credit card debt, while remaining enthusiastic about the process.

One Money Design  presents Can You Justify Purchasing the iPhone 5?

Living Richly on a Budget considers a different phone option in Trade In Your iPhone for an Amazon Gift Card.


Studenomics presents How-to Eat Out Properly… Without Going Broke. "I enjoy eating. I also happen to enjoy saving money. This can be a tough balancing act at times."

Green Panda Treehouse presents Back to School: Eating in College on a Budget. "A budget friendly cooking idea is to cook with filler foods. Foods such as potatoes, bean sprouts, rice and pasta keep you feeling full and will also help you stay within your budget."

Reach Financial Independence presents How to make your own sushi.

Your Personal Finance Pro presents How To Really Save Money at Chipotle.

My Family Finances presents How to Save Money Without Giving Up Your Social Life.

Penny Thots presents Throw a Cheap and Easy Cocktail Party. . "Throwing a cocktail party is one of the most impressive and fun ways to entertain and although even the word sounds glamorous, hosting a cocktail party needn’t bust the bank."

Steadfast Finances presents How to Have Fun For Cheap.

Financial Highway presents 6 Frugal Exercise Tips.

Dewey's Treehouse (that's us) presents some frugal crafting in Aunt Sarah Scrap Challenge: the smallest fabric stash around?

Money Life & More presents 5 Reasons We Won’t Separate Our Finances When Married.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff presents How I Helped my Mother Stop Working Overtime with 15 minutes of Planning. "75% of her normal income was being eaten up by her debt, not to mention exhausting her from all of the work that she needed to do to support the load. Right away, I knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep this up, and that something had to change."

Miranda presents the 5 Pitfalls of Cosigning a Loan  at Wallet Hub.

Provident Plan presents Lending Money to Family and Friends.

Card Hub presents What You Need to Know About Joint Credit Card Accounts .


Finance TUBE presents The Energy Sucking Monster: Air Conditioning.

 Work Save Live presents Have You Been Scammed With Payment Protection Insurance?

Add Vodka presents Is It Ethical to Buy at Flea Markets?   "A few weeks ago, I was watching some late-night TV and a show about shoplifting in the US was on...Obviously not ALL discounted goods come from career criminal shoplifting rings, but lots do."

Funancials presents Buying a Car Won't Help You Reach Your Dreams "I was flipping through the pages of Money Magazine when an advertisement caught my eye. The ad was promoting the All-New 31 MPG Highway 2013 Honda CRV...My problem isnt with the car itself, but instead with the Money Magazine advertisement."

Lazy Man presents Rent-A-Center's Crazy Commercial Promoting Fiscal Responsibility Fails at Lazy Man and Money.

Frugal Rules presents How to Save Money For a New Baby .

The Money Principle presents Children and money: are we teaching our future the wrong things? "We teach our children mainly how to save. But the relationship between children and money is better developed by teaching them how to spend."

Young Family Finance also posts about How to Teach Children About Money.

Your Finances Simplified presents How to Save For A Child's Higher Education.


My Dollar Plan presents How to Make Money on Amazon.

Bible Money Matters presents Swagbucks Review: What Is It, How Does It Work and What Can You Earn and Win?

Creating a Passive Income presents Passive Income: The Secret of Making Money While you Sleep.

Frugal Confessions presents Waste Not Want Not: Leftover Orange, Lemon, and Lime Peels.

Invest It Wisely presents Freelancing Revenue Report: Out of the Trenches and Climbing Up the Mountain.

Money Reasons presents Saving Money Repairing Your Own Dryer.  "Read and watch how repairing your own dryer can be accomplished for 9 dollars."

Tackling Our Debt has lots of advice in 101 Frugal Tips to Help You Save Money.

My Broken Coin presents What I Wish I Knew About Life and Finances In My 20s. "If we could turn back time, I wish I could go back to when I was 20 and do it again!"

The Outlier Model presents It's never too late.

Finance Fox presents The Secret to Success in Life is Investing in Yourself

That's it for this week's Festival of Frugality.  Next week's host will be See Debt Run.

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