Monday, December 03, 2012

Do you like old radio shows? And Christmas?

AM740, which I understand you can listen to over the Internet, starts a few weeks of Christmas shows tonight.  They run every week between Monday and Thursday; this week's schedule is here.  We're in Eastern Standard Time so they start at 10:00 p.m.; you'll have to adjust that for wherever you happen to be.  Please note that not all the shows are family-friendly, even though they're old; we've noticed that some of those '40's and '50's radio dramas can actually be quite violent.  There's one episode of Suspense,  "A Present for Benny," that they usually play near Christmas, about a gift that's meant to go off with a bang; nobody actually gets hurt, but it's still not too good for little ones to be listening to.  (You can listen to it on You-tube though.)

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Dual Role Grandma said...

For younger children in radio-loving families, try "the Cinnamon Bear" currently available at YouTube.

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