Friday, February 15, 2013

Free for Kindle right now: Homeschool and more

These are free at the time I'm posting them--check, though, because the prices change quickly.  Remember you don't need a Kindle or any special device to download these--you can get the Kindle app free from the Amazon site and install it to a regular computer.  Very easy.

Product Details
Overcome Your Fear of Homeschooling with Insider Information by Sandra Cook, Sharon Honeycutt and Sophie LK

Homeschooling: The Bigger Picture (your conversation with a homeschool graduate) by Sarah Hall

Mind Mapping for Kids: How Elementary School Students Can Use Mind Maps to Improve Reading Comprehension and Critical... by Toni Krasnic

How to Be a Man: A Father & Son Guide by Derek Gillette and Shon Rand

How to Draw Step-By-Step: With Special Kids (Drawing With Frog Hops) by Kaylea J. Mangrum

On Top of the World: How the Finns Educate Their Children by Maria Kouta

Teach Your Kids to Think: Simple Tools You Can Use Every Day by Maria Chesley Fisk Ph.D.

PREPPING ON A BUDGET the frugal survival guide when time matters the most! by George Shepherd

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Monique said...

Great finds!

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